Hunt report Dande Zimbabwe

Hunt report.

PH- Lance Nesbitt
Previous safrai- None
Present safari- Buff/plains game
Rifle- Sauer 202 375 H&H
Bullets- Hand loaded Woodleigh 270gn PP and 300gn solids.

Lance and I had tough time of it in the first 6 days, finding it hard to pick up fresh dugga boy tracks. We did push around a few herds, but the abundance of eyes makes it real difficult to look over the whole herd before they head for the safety of the Jess. We finally had some luck on day six by bumping into a nice Kudu bull. The following day we had an long enjoyable stalk following up some dugga boys, which we bumped a few times in the jess. When we eventually got upper hand on them the shot was unable to be taken due to a 5cm mopane shrub rising right through the vital area as the bull stood facing on at 45 degrees. Had he been side on there would have been a shot, but that’s hunting. By the end of day 8 I was facing the real possibility that I may not secure a dugga boy. However, some fantastic tracking on day 9 had me taking a partially obstructed close quarters shot off my behind and under the jess at a nicely curled dugga boy. A cautious follow up combined with a healthy dose of patience and my trophy was secured.

This was my first cape buffalo hunt and it certainly wont be my last as it is a very exciting and addictive experience. Long days spent tracking up and sighting buff without a shot just makes you more determined to get out there and try harder the following day. A big thank you to Lance and his team for their hard work and for detailing their tracking methods and the diverse fauna and flora of Africa.

CMS run a very professional outfit with comfortable accommodation and obliging staff.